perfectly plastic humanity

platinum lips

titanium hips

because the iron

in our blood


(that’s trust without the (t)

tinted hearts

plastic tits

lifted eyes

circumcised lies

so we can numb the

guilt of our reality

are you terrified of the



you commit every day

when you hide behind

all those things

you are not?

a pure heart is such as


in this world of

perfectly plastic



my cell door goes



hacketty yack


and I’m locked in again..

sealed between

four cement walls

a cement ceiling and

a cement floor

as if.. I were dead and

entombed once more

maybe I die each time

I come in

and maybe I arise each time

I go out that door


is this where they send

the lost souls or

the found ones?

is this a safe place

to find god?

what if I don’t?

what if I already have?

what if my mom and dad

don’t forgive me?

what if I die here?

what if I’m already dead?


no worries because

sooner or later

that door will go

click, clack


hacketty yack

and I will rise


it’s not that life is long

it’s that death is slow

everything you ever wanted

when you let it all



you cling to life

as if you’re entitled to it

when it was always

just a gift that

if you let go of

would be returned

to you



the current of electricity

flows through my veins

i feel it in every beat

and vibration of my heart

be-boom, be-boom, be-boom

like an atom bomb song

stuck pleasantly on repeat









expound, sound, rain





and stir

and flow

and kill all the

gentle noise

of the mind

and guide me



beat by humble beat

repeat, repeat

echo, echo

beat heart

heart beat


love ya,

.3574 1007

jump into the fog

electromagnetic butteries

with bright eyes

and hearts the size of Africa

i know you miss my encouragement

my compliments.

i hear your cries

they echo, echo

in the constant bellow

of the air vents

i feel your tears in my palms

they drippedy drip in the faucet

as your heart contracts

so do your wings

as your heart expands

so do your wings

i need you to flippedy flap them

in these lonely moments

until i return

glittery fluttery them until

you catch a breeze

that carries you free

but recall that breeze end

and you must be prepared to

fluttery fluttery then again

the energy of your heart beat

comes from the same source

and in that way we are always


and often

when you lie still to find your heart beat

i am lying still finding mine

and in that moment

we dance together with god

it’s a slow dance

a love dance

it’s entanglement

where my valves and circuits

my veins and wires

shock you and feed you

and make your electromagnetic wings

flippedy flip

flap flap

jump into the fog and let’s dance..

The Best of Luck

the room is folded in two 

and I’m a little blue 

the dove coo’s but 

I can’t see it’s tune 

the notes conclude somewhere 

out of you 

solar flair tempest 

and the answer always

seems so clear 

then changes with a 

new moments atmosphere 

and all of you want to hear, I’m sorry

you were right

I’m crazy and 

I need your help

save me, save me

mommy, dearest; 

pray for me! 

the valley of darkness 

is not conquered in tandem 

in two’s

it don’t sing no fucking duet 

it only swallows one heart 

one reject 

at a time 

but none of you would know that because 

your shoes fear the forest 

you’re too scared to 

even step twice upon the bridge 

you’ll never know life until 

you know 


it’s not even possible 

fear cripples each of you to vapor 

that drifts into the calm harbor 

and rests there until 

anna rises and burns you back 

to hide behind 

your curtains 


can’t hide from acceptance 

nothing can hide from 


my blue will fade with 

the rising sun 

and I will rise, likewise,

to a fresh moment

but your fear haunts you 

even between the fold of your toes 

up in your gums

in every crevice you own 

and I wish you the best of 


.35741 1007

iron & embers

I read a poem today – 

from a beautiful young woman 

a post lover 

an amazing friend –

that was so exquisitely written 

I’d call it a psalm

she’s a broken butterfly 

fairy dust scraped from her wings

by the child life caress of 


cacooned once more because 

her pirate god sailed beyond 

the moon drunk, sun parched 

horizon again 

damn him, love him, can’t escape him 

I remain 

and she knows this 

but she fears one day I won’t 

and she believes on that day 

she’ll die.

she has been loyal and honest for years 

she has sacrificed 

she has loved purely, albeit humanely

and feels that should be enough 

to forge Cherubim’s sword 

protect her paradise 

from the blackened steel end 

hot orange embers 

my andvil has been struck (X) billion times 

a gong that rumbles earth plates

to a quake.

when beaten 

hot as hells forge on a no cloud, blister day

I have enough iron and embers 

in my dense andvil heart to kill

or love all of you 

I choose love 

my heart valves sheen with diamonds as

the non-synthetic oil breeds

it’s way like the flame of a 

mad bitch dragon

from my andvil heart

to her broken butterfly wings 

you can’t cage eternal life,

this I’ve said before 

With love,