(Forgot the Title)

you know, I have to hold you all slightly accountable

the excitement you get out of a chase

the prayer for a crash and burn

the hope of nu clear implosiveexplsiison

I walked around today

often thinking of my loved ones

and I know that a few of you root for me

while a few others are saying: h e always does this...

it's that bi=pooper thing

in his noggin in and out = ais;ghel; headbang

long, long walk today

came full circle

saw so many cops today
I walked down a deep canal and popped up on the other side
of karma burps
there's a health plan to one side of me and a guidebook
on the other
qhwrw am I
sorry, I meant
. where am I?
what am I?

I don't know what else to say at the moment
it's odd to be so detached from life and yet
it's very freeing tambien

I don't even remember where I've been because I no longer
miss  any of this present moment...

random book draw at the current library: Forever is the Worst Long
Time by Camille Pagan
but, right next to it was The English Patient, which is
a wonderful story

leave it all and write poetry from the ether
I said I wanted to fly into a black hole
well.I.made.My.Own.Black.Hole and I'm
loving the distance in it
it's rising me up in a sort of gravitational way

and to all 'da haters...
c'mon, don't spend your energy that way\
none of us really want life to end
but some of us know it cant...

Layin’ Pipe

I'm layin' tracks

all over this suburbia garden

so you can find me,

but there you will not find me because

unlike you, I go to extremes to get igh

I want it all th e whole enchi pumpkin sky

it's fun running twards heaven so lightly

I float like snow in the sky on ym skin

there I go drunk again

bipolar patty melt with chicken fries

and pop trts and I'm not drunk but

floating and it's hard to write when I flosyt

tri it . its rather fun
which is wht all this is unless you
make it otherwise
like Cajun with no spices and
pie with no pie

god is alive! Risen. Lana Del Rey
swoops in to save my day
gotta go
get high
and kick it
in my

Human Angels Guard Me

I wonder if they know it or not?

the humble way they slip into and out of

empty ether space

but I am indebted, nonetheless, and love you

if I told you god made me do it,
you wouldn't believe me
and, it's half excuse anyway
because there is always a sliver of free will
in our lives, unfortunately
you can be mad at me
call me crazy
an accuse me
but, fact is: none of you
walked away from everything just as the
model you adore said to do
I got mas balles que tu!
and it's freedom so freeing
well, you'll never know cause you'rr chicken shit
you're scared to liove on your terms
chicken... shit.. that IO still lov, regardless
of what you think of me right now

PC - I left a bit of a mess, but had to
because everyone wants a crash landing
and so I had to make it sellable
I probably owe you $2K minus the Coach purse
and wallet I bought you the day I left
sorry, but don't forget I gave you the car
acerca $9K.
smooches to you and yours
you're still amazing as sin

tell my parents to find something else to blame
isntaed of the bi bi bi bibiboohi ppoplar polar
they can just blame: ME, fucking ME, cause I
fucking felt like it and unlike all of you aren't
fraid of the fucking consequebces becase
freedom I internal
beating fovere

my heart goes out to all fo you
I am a fugitive on the run
with a pen for a gun
and a lioghter for a
and I'm a
walkin the line
because you'r emine

Agent 1007

Word Thief

I go to the poetry section of this public library

I randomly grab two poetry books

Motherland Fatherland HomeLandsexuals

by Lockwood


Citizen by Rankine ...
I put them in my bag - nope, I do not have a membership here
yes, I am stealing them
I put them in my bag in a discreet corner and then walk out
got for a walk around the block with those two authors
in my bag...

I re-enter the library, bring them to this computer
and here I shall leave them
out of place

did I steal or did I not?
amI inSAnIe or not?

I am going home for the day,
my body hurts a little from all the walking
but I like it.



when you’re walking down the road

or the tracks

you find yourself talking to yourself a bit

is that insane? that I would keep myself - entertained 
and laughing -
company in the dark of night on a
very isolated and lonely road
but not in a bad way...
I like it, as in, it's healthy for me
no matter what all you doctor look alikes
have to say
oh, and same to the actual doctors

anyway, you see a lot of litter and I feel bad for the litter so I pick up various, intriguing pieces and place them elsewhere – leaving a very odd breadcrumb trail for all of you, but so random that you won’t find me

they may, eventually, shut this site down because some
insecure cop somewhere will take offense and call this taunting
it's not... I'm telling a story - MY story through me... and I don't
care if you're offended...

if they do, it's goodbye, maybe, who knows, I don't
make plans

live IN 'da momenta...

the city busses are filled with ghosts
dead people
I see it in there eyes
but it doesn't make me uncomfortable
no human does
I like humans
so long as they're kind

for just a moment there I actually thought I was
Hawkin' - but, I was mistaken
I'm going to spend the rest of the day on the bus, maybe...
(Did he just say that to entice us?)
anyway, got's to go...
we'll chat l8ter.

I still love you My family of
whom I do adore
but, I am not one of you
not no no nnnnn'
but, I still love all of 'ya

more l8ter... stay tuned,
Agent 1007

Panic is ALWAYS a BAD Idea

perhaps I panicked and perhaps I didn't
but, the fact is, all of you did and are
and you need to settle
because I don't have a phone and you can't ping me
I love all of you
I am safe
I slept in a bed last night and had a shower this AM

I went for a walk last night
in the snow
I was just trying to remember all I saw,
but in this moment I have forgotten because
I love to write and my ability to access this account
now will be limited, but I will make posts as I (kicking) can

what I said yesterday is not a lie, save for one thing:
I ran to something and not away from something and
that is the difference and, no, the something I ran to
was not a woman - not in that way... she's better than all ya'all

it is of interest that I am still on probation/parole and
this will be considered absconding and, if caught, I would
probably have to serve another 36 months or so, but
prison don't scare me - been there done that x 3

I ate a bunch of white cheddar popcorn and chocolate
donuts last night when I found... well, that's all I can say
I wish I could say more but I am a fugitive and I must be
very cautious with my words...

I am on foot only, no car, no cell phone, no computer...
I am carrying no electronics at the moment and don't
intend tOOoooo - pops taught me well how to read a map = love =
no need for electrical shot through shit...

why did I do this? why run? Christ said: leave it all
and that's what I did...
Buddha said: desire no thing - I'm as close to naked as I've
ever been and it feels amazing and I wish I could share it with you
I can in a way - here..--mfjom;/s'
through the looking glass

I took the bus into the city and will, hopefully,
be able to post again l8ter, sorry no time for comments and
such now as I have to be very aware

be yourself, unless you can be a pirate then always
be a pirate

HellOOoooo WoRld, It’s Me KT!

I ran away today. I got out of the car to use the restroom at the rest stop just before Exit 182 in Utah that goes to Moab. Oddly, after I ran down the hill and began walking down I-70, the exit appeared before me. So, I started down it, was stopped by a Utah State Police Officer, and he asked if I “…was the slide off…” because I thought slide off meant me, as in slide or ran down the hill. So, he was quite shocked when I told him that even though I broke up with my GF when I wrote that Pancake piece (because that was the official date), this morning was the 35000th breakup time since the official dat e (not a typo) because every time I see her face, I can see her heart break again because I know she is dying to get back together, but I just couldn’t because I needed to run….

This comes form you to you (no… wait) to you from a public library in CO, yes, I bought weed, yes, i’m smoking it, and I love you all.  

stay tuned for more…

PS – I meditated in the public restroom on the toilet (no Lie) in the town I left from

and… I left a water bottle hidden in a secret cell in that bathroom…

here’s to new beginnings….