the hoodwinker lost its tail and grew wings and floats like the sun in the anti- gravity filled ocean

I sense I must lose my tail and grow wings too, do you?

secure your property, the handbook says

so should I secure my tail 
or let it fall completely away?

a sun can’t have a tail, can it?

does a hoodwinker need a tail?

does the universe vibrate?

does my heart love even when confined to my chest to my skin to my cell – a box in a box in a box ad infinitum?

it loves and beats stealthily and sturdy more than ever

it yearns to be free externally and not just internally, but these things must be earned for it must have been hu-man to grant them since they can take them…

do u suppose god knows¿

I doOoOCoo 

love ur hrtbt. 
.357 for 1007


no mind

all of my dreams in a pair of sun yellow pants and an old snap and orange rubber shoes (at least they fit)

sex sizzles on key rings

is it count time?

I just get so caught up in the moment that I forget there’s a reason I have a rubber coffee mug

hmm I do like blue fizzy raspberry limonada while I wait for the green sun to rise

I don’t know the time and judging by the courtyard, its raining and my body is a weapon

blue fizzy raspberry limonada in a rubber coffee mug that no one can break

music notes that spell Anna and a graphite dart board that promises free on the 21st and my concrete bed and a calendar and a tissue paper dream catcher

.357 for 1007


I may have to do some things you all will consider very crazy. please know I know what I’m doing. I love you all. find ur heartbeat. meditate, pray, care for your body. I am in good hands, being fed well, roof, clothing, bed, no needs or wants. I will make posts as I can but bear in mind my privileges are restrained at the moment.

doves fly south 
via their beak 
to love and songs 
in the wind 
they trust nothing 
but the moment

the moment never fails 
a dove 
god never fails 
a dove

god sings of doves and rainbows and butterflies all dipped in chocolate and eaten whole

I’ll see you for dessert in the ocean of infinity 
I’ll be at the helm 
snacking and listening 
to doves 

we~ll get naked and ~π~π~ 
dance a two step

.357 for 1007

Hide Me Volunteers?

but, you probably shouldn’t say so on here cause then the cops will know and that’s not um…. healthy for you and I don’t advise breaking the law and fleeing, unless you”re ME and then I advise it. Foot is good. Love g long walk ahead and I love you so much baby and you are not going to make it to the game tonight so we are not going to be able to do it for a few days but I can do the job for you and I will be there for you

Half of 7

which way?

Ease . help

leave a messages at the moment so I can get my hands on a little more time lol

thanks for letting me know about the neon yellow one for me

you are the best and I love you so much baby girl

I’ll get back to you later today or tomorrow morning at my house and I’ll let you know when we can meet up for a drink and see if we have a good time with you and your mom and your family and friends and friends are coming over for a few weeks but I don’t want you to think I’m gonna make you happy or something like that but I don’t think I have any questions about you

anyway, white h way do I turn?

Agent 1007, Post 1

probably I’ll forget… No,

No I won’t
Post 1

think it’s time to run

I’ll update you when full day is done and we can always go home to be there for you and miss your face and your birthday wishes from me to you for your birthday wishes from my 💓