The Best of Luck

the room is folded in two 

and I’m a little blue 

the dove coo’s but 

I can’t see it’s tune 

the notes conclude somewhere 

out of you 

solar flair tempest 

and the answer always

seems so clear 

then changes with a 

new moments atmosphere 

and all of you want to hear, I’m sorry

you were right

I’m crazy and 

I need your help

save me, save me

mommy, dearest; 

pray for me! 

the valley of darkness 

is not conquered in tandem 

in two’s

it don’t sing no fucking duet 

it only swallows one heart 

one reject 

at a time 

but none of you would know that because 

your shoes fear the forest 

you’re too scared to 

even step twice upon the bridge 

you’ll never know life until 

you know 


it’s not even possible 

fear cripples each of you to vapor 

that drifts into the calm harbor 

and rests there until 

anna rises and burns you back 

to hide behind 

your curtains 


can’t hide from acceptance 

nothing can hide from 


my blue will fade with 

the rising sun 

and I will rise, likewise,

to a fresh moment

but your fear haunts you 

even between the fold of your toes 

up in your gums

in every crevice you own 

and I wish you the best of 


.35741 1007


One thought on “The Best of Luck

  1. There is a beautiful imagery and metaphor in your words. The line that struck me the most was ‘your shoes fear the forest’, probably because for me nature is where I feel most connected with the divine. Many things can be solved by being in the forest.

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