my cell door goes



hacketty yack


and I’m locked in again..

sealed between

four cement walls

a cement ceiling and

a cement floor

as if.. I were dead and

entombed once more

maybe I die each time

I come in

and maybe I arise each time

I go out that door


is this where they send

the lost souls or

the found ones?

is this a safe place

to find god?

what if I don’t?

what if I already have?

what if my mom and dad

don’t forgive me?

what if I die here?

what if I’m already dead?


no worries because

sooner or later

that door will go

click, clack


hacketty yack

and I will rise


it’s not that life is long

it’s that death is slow

everything you ever wanted

when you let it all



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