iron & embers

I read a poem today – 

from a beautiful young woman 

a post lover 

an amazing friend –

that was so exquisitely written 

I’d call it a psalm

she’s a broken butterfly 

fairy dust scraped from her wings

by the child life caress of 


cacooned once more because 

her pirate god sailed beyond 

the moon drunk, sun parched 

horizon again 

damn him, love him, can’t escape him 

I remain 

and she knows this 

but she fears one day I won’t 

and she believes on that day 

she’ll die.

she has been loyal and honest for years 

she has sacrificed 

she has loved purely, albeit humanely

and feels that should be enough 

to forge Cherubim’s sword 

protect her paradise 

from the blackened steel end 

hot orange embers 

my andvil has been struck (X) billion times 

a gong that rumbles earth plates

to a quake.

when beaten 

hot as hells forge on a no cloud, blister day

I have enough iron and embers 

in my dense andvil heart to kill

or love all of you 

I choose love 

my heart valves sheen with diamonds as

the non-synthetic oil breeds

it’s way like the flame of a 

mad bitch dragon

from my andvil heart

to her broken butterfly wings 

you can’t cage eternal life,

this I’ve said before 

With love, 



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