Comfort Food

I am surrounded by criminals, the fringe, the outcasts, the drunks and drug addicts and thieves and robbers and even worse

I love these people 
they are my peeps

I don’t always love their behavior; they are far from perfect like me

but they are raw and exposed because they’ve been caught and there’s nothing left to hide

there’s no makeup to cover the scars and maggot infected wounds in jail

they have to find peace in guilt and shame and concrete and steel and cold ass iron

all is stripped away, like Jesus in the tomb

theses people were his people too

we are alike JC and me in that way

the losers are winners to us to me

we don’t fear the human imposed consequences… well, maybe some of them do but I don’t and that is a comfort to them

dear Christians, to whom will you give comfort to today?

or, will you simply comfort you?

it’s a question most of you will either feel guilty about when you read or you will react defensively and say: who is he to speak? he’s a thief in prison…

but deep down, god knows your heart and my heart no matter our physical location

and I love u even if ur no outcast…

find ur hrtbt. 
hold it tight. 
love it pure and right.

.357 for 1007


4 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. Losing is submitting to Impossibilities. Winners submit to possibilities it is a matter of what word you chose in God. It is a matter of redeeming your Honour, Valor and Dignity male or female not in the eyes of mankind.

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