jump into the fog

electromagnetic butteries

with bright eyes

and hearts the size of Africa

i know you miss my encouragement

my compliments.

i hear your cries

they echo, echo

in the constant bellow

of the air vents

i feel your tears in my palms

they drippedy drip in the faucet

as your heart contracts

so do your wings

as your heart expands

so do your wings

i need you to flippedy flap them

in these lonely moments

until i return

glittery fluttery them until

you catch a breeze

that carries you free

but recall that breeze end

and you must be prepared to

fluttery fluttery then again

the energy of your heart beat

comes from the same source

and in that way we are always


and often

when you lie still to find your heart beat

i am lying still finding mine

and in that moment

we dance together with god

it’s a slow dance

a love dance

it’s entanglement

where my valves and circuits

my veins and wires

shock you and feed you

and make your electromagnetic wings

flippedy flip

flap flap

jump into the fog and let’s dance..


6 thoughts on “jump into the fog

  1. «…and the butterfly felt that the spoiled and fragil wings began to tremble, wanted to fly, but not strong enough. More than enough to pack in with self-care and breathe calmly, feel the heart and wiping the tears as a sign of healing…
    One day this butterfly will dance again…»

    I am incredibly inspired and motivated by your poems, thank you so much🦋

    Liked by 5 people

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