the hoodwinker lost its tail and grew wings and floats like the sun in the anti- gravity filled ocean

I sense I must lose my tail and grow wings too, do you?

secure your property, the handbook says

so should I secure my tail 
or let it fall completely away?

a sun can’t have a tail, can it?

does a hoodwinker need a tail?

does the universe vibrate?

does my heart love even when confined to my chest to my skin to my cell – a box in a box in a box ad infinitum?

it loves and beats stealthily and sturdy more than ever

it yearns to be free externally and not just internally, but these things must be earned for it must have been hu-man to grant them since they can take them…

do u suppose god knows¿

I doOoOCoo 

love ur hrtbt. 
.357 for 1007


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