I may have to do some things you all will consider very crazy. please know I know what I’m doing. I love you all. find ur heartbeat. meditate, pray, care for your body. I am in good hands, being fed well, roof, clothing, bed, no needs or wants. I will make posts as I can but bear in mind my privileges are restrained at the moment.

doves fly south 
via their beak 
to love and songs 
in the wind 
they trust nothing 
but the moment

the moment never fails 
a dove 
god never fails 
a dove

god sings of doves and rainbows and butterflies all dipped in chocolate and eaten whole

I’ll see you for dessert in the ocean of infinity 
I’ll be at the helm 
snacking and listening 
to doves 

we~ll get naked and ~Ο€~Ο€~ 
dance a two step

.357 for 1007


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