Fly, Fly

for a girl I know in Norway…

put the plane

on autopilot

and let it run its course

and there’s a chance

⁃ no a guarantee, actually

that at some point it will

crash and burn

but because love is not only pleasure

but also pain

then falling down doesn’t mean

that you’re not loved

it means

life is trying to teach you

with every crash and burn

that love isn’t all warm and cozy

like we want it to be

it can burn



like a mad bee

who lost its


to find the best love requires you

push the limit

and fly to flowers that

are far away and the

long, wild flight there

may be scary

and you may


along the way


love don’t die

so you’re going to have to get up

shake the dust from your little wings

and fly away



5 thoughts on “Fly, Fly

  1. I don’t know how many girls you know about in Norway, but I could very much recognize myself in your words…🦋
    Me, butterfly, lost my self and put me back together after a very hard time…
    I am speechless of your words and interpretation. I’m so grateful, you warm my heart and touch my soul..
    I will fight and be alright🦋Luckily I have a family that is love me in this painful time..
    I hope the world gets more of your soul it needs it.
    I am very grateful to read your blog🦋 I hope many many humans out there in the world read your words.
    Thank you🦋

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Then I am the lucky one🦋 Orkidedatter feel lucky in several ways🦋grateful and thank you…and I think I almost be allowed to repost your words on my blogg so more Norwegian bloggers can see and read how wonderful and lovely you are🦋 but that is up to you…

        Liked by 1 person

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