I was looking around 
in the couch cushions
for my sanity 
cause I thought that maybe gravity 
sucked it in there like it does
car keys and remotes and dog treats
and precious other things
but, it wasn't there
so I checked my shoes 
in the closet
because maybe it wanted to just 
walk off of it's own accord
but, it wasn't there so 
I looked in the dryer because, maybe...
it got wet and needed to be dried 
and there was some lint in there 
that I mistook for memory 
because you know how many memories 
are stored in jean pockets 
memories galore, I should think
because jeans are good energy
when they fit right
and they're sexy the way
they sway left and right 
wait, what was I looking for?
oh yes, my sanity 
oh well,
I don't need it
I got a heartbeat 
and no, you can't borrow it
you've got your own
use it or lose it
hmm... a beat kind of looks like that, doesn't it?
o o o o o o o 
see it?
fucking heartbeats everywhere 
except everyone's so sane
they must have lost it 

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