May I Ask A Question…

why is it...
that the guy who questioned religion
and the mystics 
and all the gods
and the scientists
and the doctors 
and everyone...

how is it that I'm the guy
who has to convince all of you
of your own belief?

is that arrogant or
is that a fair question?

really, I didn't set out to do this
but you can prove 
if you add it all up
and don't be biased 
and judge 
that eternal life 
(energy conservation)
you can feel it, I promise 

my apologies if I offended you
but, man, the faith some claim to have 
is questionable 

I really wish all of you would just lie down
focus on your heartbeat
if a thought creeps up
it's okay
find your heartbeat again 
and again
if you have an itch
scratch it
relax your brow and eyes and mouth
those are the hardest
and find your heartbeat again
you'll feel it most right between 
where your ribs come together 
in your abdomen 
not your chest 
if you fall asleep
then sleep
that's what your body needs
and when you wake 
find your heartbeat again
at some point during the day

why would I tell you to do such a thing?
in what way
in your own home
your own bed
can I take advantage of you
lying and finding your heartbeat? 

if it makes me crazy then I am 
but it's still my recommendation 

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