This Is Not A Poem

it really isn't
it's written like one
sorry, I have a bad habit of writing this way
it looks like poetry 

it is simply an apology...
there were numerous comments 
that found their way
into my spam box 
with the Jinx Cats (see poem named: Jinx)

and because all I really care about 
is my heartbeat and 
letters that form words
that turn into poems
that somehow lead 
to compassion and empathy 
(gees, it's become a poem and I swear
it wasn't my intention... do you see
how this can happen?)

anyway, my apologies
I would never censor anyone because
all knowledge is good knowledge 
and, if you don't believe that...
ask yourself if your god is omniscient and then
text it and let it know
those things
it shouldn't know


41 thoughts on “This Is Not A Poem

      1. I’m doing😃😊 is it difficult to write poem about expresso coffee, macaroons, happiness, health, about dreams come true and life and books? was trying to put all this words in one text, but is not happening, i have great picture to put on the side of poem, but have a trouble with a text thought…

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      2. Forget the words, and tell me how each of those things make you feel. Coffee makes me feel loved. It’s warm and always available. Health makes me feel strong and empowered. What about you?

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      3. Yup. And do it over and over and over again. Do it as often as you wish. Easy, free. Man, sucks when things are free and there isn’t a catch. Counter-intuitive, right?

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      4. Well, we all have to earn a little income. I’m still trying to figure out how to go without money, which I despise. So, a little real work. But, I limit it only to what I need and tend to let the rest go into tip jars and the like. I’d rather be by the sea. Nope, on the sea. Lost without any need to know where I am.

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